Oh the pain of finding a job!

In Usa 510.527.2814
In UK 01702 312451

Mission Statement: To find a career that leads to fulfillment and personal betterment and ultimately increases company profits.
Employment History:
ˇ 1990-1992 Cannon-Pathe Cinemas Ltd.: Chief Receptionist (Southend-on-Sea)
ˇ 1992-1998 Sarah Beth Jewelers: Deputy Manager (Southend-on-Sea)
- Started as Sales Assistant accelerated to deputy managerial position.

- Duties included

cash handling, balancing and banking.
* Stock * Registrar (In/Out) * Suggestive Sales/Expansion
* Special Orders * Merchandising * Material Replenishment
* Personal Clientele * Inventory * Special Transactions

ˇ 1997-1998 South East Essex College of Arts & Technology: Technical Advisor (South East Essex)
- Duties included assisting students with computer and network problems.
ˇ 1998-1999 Eyecom Technology Ltd,: London Marketing Assistant
- Responsibilities included writing press releases, branding goods, liaising
with magazines and newspapers, designing advertisements, etc.
ˇ 1995-1998 University of Greenwich, London Bachelor of Science Multimedia & Technology
ˇ 1993-1994 Southeast Essex College of Arts and Technology
'A' Level Media & Theatre Studies, GCSE Media, Drama, Creative Writing and Desktop Publishing.
ˇ 1992-1993 Southeast Essex College of Arts and Technology
City & Guilds, Entry into Media Occupations Journalism and Radio, Television and Video.
Computer Software: * Windows 98 * Microsoft Windows NT * Macintosh
* PhotoShop * Microsoft Word * Microsoft Excel
* PageMaker * PowerPoint * Corel Draw * Quark Express
* Internet Explorer * Netscape Communicator
* Scripting Languages: Moderate knowledge of HTML and Lingo
Personal Statement: I am a hardworking, dedicated person who works well with others.
I have a good knowledge of all media. I enjoy technology and culture.

Other Information: I am a British National who has traveled extensively across
the United States and Europe, this has helped me embrace cultural diversity.
Interests: I am interested in all aspects of media, basic web design, music, and film.

upon Request.
Note: As I am a British National I need an H1-B visa before I begin work in the US.