Oh My Gawd,What a freak. You are probably saying that to yourself as you find out about me.
But,whatever. I can't help the stuff I like
So please join me in my mediocre list o' links.

When You are searching through the net you'll notice that most stuff is just advertising services and crud like but some are just plain fun. I'm sure you'll dig these..

I hope y'all like satire

Well there are two sites that you should be fingering.......

The Onion:

The Framley Exmainer:

I used to go clubbing regularly, but now I'm old and decrepit I just go here once a month.

This is the club that I have supported since its beginning,
Yes there are some pictures of me!.

Coco Cuba

If you're bored.....

Well obviously you're not because you're reading this but check out

Wanna know how long you'll live?

Well this is pretty damn accurate(Like I'd know!)
The Death Clock:

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